Literature Award

La plume noire - prix littéraire

Throughout my whole life, I have met extraordinary people; however, in the community, those who deserved to loudly express themselves, due to their immense knowledge, did not always do it.

Thanks to spending time with talented people, stayed unknown, the idea of starting an award dedicated to the writers of the black community emerged.

The plenitude of life resides within the revelation of ourselves as an original being, and the accomplishments of our thoughts in what makes us in adequacy with our generic memory. It is an egalitarian masterpiece where to be self is an added value.

IDHES wants to promote Knowledge, Harmony and Love.


Homage of IDHES to a well-respected and fantastic black man:

In the beginning there was a man, good and wise, whose mission was to pass on knowledge and wisdom to his people. Then there was a conflict which allowed the venom of hatred to emerge out of his population. Later there was the wound. From this wound was born a project and events. May grace envelop all those who wake up to create and transmit. Humanity should be egalitarian, and to recreate this equality is the edification of the future. It is from this perspective arose IDHES and the literature award.


NAME OF THE AWARD: « The black feather » – Award IDHES for the literature of the black population.