Literature Group


To introduce and familiarize ourselves to writings and analysis of Afro-American and Caribbean authors from the black community.



The choice of the authors is made by IDHES and the members of the club.

For each book, members will receive by e-mail two of the most significant pages of the book

The session has 15 minutes of presentation followed by 45 minutes of discussion.

The presentation is made by a member who volunteered or by the author himself/herself when possible.



The 2nd Friday of each month from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.


 Schedule for Oct. Nov. And Dec. 2014:
10 Oct. « L’Afrique noire : initiatrice des législateurs antiques » – Jean-Philippe OMOTUNDE
14 Nov. “ Du cheveu frisé au cheveu crépu”  – Juliette SMERALDA
12 Déc. “Le gloire des imposteurs” – Traoré AMINATA (est-ce que tu veux dire LA gloire des imposteurs?)

13 Fev. « Parlons Kimbundu, langue d’Angola »-Jean De Dieu NSONDE

13 Mar.  « Les Ames Du Peuple Noir »- William Edward Burghart DU BOIS

24 Avr. « Dear White people » Film-Livre-Justin SIMIEN


Certain of these books are available for purchase at IDHES Novels Books.


 Yearly sign ups from October to May.