Modality and development

Like many others have done it in the past, the Literature Award IDHES is meant to encourage the black community and afro-descendant population to return to an old tradition of writing through the use of imagination and love for writing. Comme d’autres  ont pu le faire avant, le PRIX IDHES de littérature cherche à encourager le peuple noir et la population afrodescendante  grâce à ses capacités d’imagination et à l’amour de la lecture, de l’écriture dans une tradition pourtant ancestralement écrite. (j’etais pas sur ce que tu voulais dire donc lis et dit-moi si ça te convient.)

Thus, we fight against illiteracy and give the population valuable resources for a cultural growth. This incites people to read and seek for knowledge expansion.


  • We bet on the literary excellence of the black youth.
  • We believe that society’s evolution is closely tied to a cultural identity that must grow in our population.
  • In today’s world, it is important to acquire and develop linguistic competences.
  • Create enthusiasm for reading and a love for it.
  • Give better access to supplementary literature for a critical step in the learning process.
  • Increase the amount of literary work from afro-descendant authors in school, and on a bigger scale, in the purpose of selling of books.
  • Stimulate and concentrate on the development of the edition focus on the afro-descendant community.


The literature award targets writings from black authors. It is given to writings in French, English, or native language.

Three awards will be given:

  • 1st prize is 300$ for participants in the theme category : the glory of the ancestors ;
  • 2nd prize is 100$  for participants in the creative writing category ;
  • 3rd prize is 100$ for participants in native language category (not including French and English).
    A promotion of the winning writers will be done.

A digital version of all participants will be done too.



The authors must be from the black community, afro-descendants and not be published yet or in contact with a publisher during the competition.



The writer has to complete a sign up form for his/her writing and send 3 copies to IDHES by mail, or through e-mail using

The e-mail reply will comprise of a confirmation that the e-mail was received, and a reference from IDHES.

Each piece will be given a number to assure anonymity.






Every categories and literary styles can be submitted: roman, novel, poem, theater piece, comic…

The Prizes:

  • Category 1: Theme: to the glory of our ancestors
  • Category 2: creative writing
  • Category 3 : creative writing in native language (other than French and English)



  • The writings must be given as soon as possible
  • Writings will not be accepted anymore on March 30th 2016
  • The nominated will be announced by e-mail and on the website( make sure to give accurate address) and rewarded during a formal dinner in May
  • Once the winners are contacted, they need to confirm that they want the award and accept to maintain the confidentiality of the results of the event until the official announcement.

The winners must fully participate in all events connected to the award, comprising of the presentation of the award, the reception of the award, media conferences and interviews. They must allow pictures of them and some of the public information they gave, while signing up, to be made public in order to allow IDHES to promote the prizes and other initiatives.

The support of IDHES must be recognized in a clear fashion in public announcements, commercials, and other publications to the works that receive prizes.